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How do you lose weight?

If you’ve been trying for long time to get rid off those unwanted kilos then probably only you are the best person to answer this question!

Do any of these sound familiar???

From Monday I will start running regularly!

Gym Membership - used only in the first month of signing in.

Personal Trainer - fantastic results which go the minute the trainer’s gone. Miracle Diets - lose a stone and then gain three.

Diet Plans and Sheets – almost impossible to stick to.

Weight Loss Programs, Group Work, Medication, Cosmetic or Corrective Surgeries.

The list is endless.

Why don’t these methods work long term?

Mainly because they deal with the consequences rather than the source of the weight gain. So despite our determination and willingness, many of us will fail because we try and deal with the extra pounds or kilos, not with what’s causing us to put them on in the first place.

Diets are not the answer, as revealed by the summary of a scientific literature review by Traci Mann and her colleagues at the University of California, and there is very little research evidence for lasting weight loss or health benefits after dieting (Mann, Tomiyama, Westling, Lew, Samuels, and Chatman, 2007).

Evidence today shows that diets tend to result in short-term weight loss ONLY. A literature review of diet studies by Peri and Fuller in 1995 concluded that weight loss programs resulted in participants losing an average 5%-10% of their bodyweight. These losses were unfortunately NOT maintained. To put this in another and more alarming perspective, a study by Swanson and Dinello in the 1970’s showed that 83% of the participants who took part in a 38-day intensive dieting program actually put back on more weight 2 years later than they lost in the original programme!!!

Maybe a combination of diet and exercise?

Would a combination of diet and exercise bring more success? Yes, undoubtedly, but once again only in the short term. Results from a scientific review by Wu, Gao, Chen, and van Dam (2008) showed that a combined diet-plus-exercise solution provided greater long-term weight loss than a diet-only programme. However, both diet-only and diet-plus-exercise programmes need to be used with caution, because both are still associated with future weight RE-GAIN.

Why do we over-eat? Internal versus external stimuli.

Until the 1960s, it was widely assumed that physiological, internal signals were the primary regulators of food intake. We eat when we are hungry and we stop eating when we are full. More recently, however, researchers have identified a number of non-physiological, external factors that influence individuals’ food intake. These include cultural factors, social influences, environmental stimuli and the influences of the food industry and the “toxic” food environment. A study by Vartanian, Herman and Wansik in 2008 suggests that we may not consciously be aware of these external factors. The researchers concluded that if external environmental factors influence our food intake without our awareness or acknowledgment, then maintaining a healthy diet could be a challenge, with long-term consequences for health and well being.

Is hunger necessary or a sufficient condition for us to eat? Can we eat despite NOT being hungry? Can we NOT eat despite being hungry? You would agree that all of as have been tempted by the look or smell of food when not feeling hungry, and we are normally not hungry by the time the desserts arrive. In contrast if you have been on a very strict diet you probably felt hungry more than once but you resisted eating. In consequence, we often eat simply because we enjoy it!!

And this is really the key to understanding why we have developed unhealthy eating habits.

All of the external signals would inflict some kind of emotional association with food, which is so strong that we tend to ignore our internal signals. So we have learnt to eat for comfort, protection, punishment, happiness, loneliness and boredom, or simply even control.

So do not worry! We offer a solution that works!

Lose weight with hypnotherapy! You may laugh at first, as most of our clients did! How can you lose weight without strict diets and heavy exercise? Well, the secret to our hypnotherapy solution is that we are focusing on why a person overeats or eats unhealthy, which is the primary reason why we gain weight. While dieting can change your food type intake, the deeper psychological cause needs to be identified and addressed to change your overall eating habits. Once you deal with the core of your problem, you will LOSE WEIGHT GRADUALLY AND PERMANENTLY.

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Why hypnotherapy makes sense.

Because external factors influence our emotions, we have developed many habits and attitudes that result in ignoring our internal cues (hunger) and this in turn ends in us overeating or developing other unhealthy eating habits. Now it becomes clear that no dieting or exercising will change our habit, as none of those methods really understands what made you create that habit in the first place. The very good news is that all of this information can be found stored carefully in your subconscious mind holds on to all of our living experiences. In therapy, when we put you in gentle hypnosis, your conscious mind just takes a rest. This creates the perfect environment to gain access to your subconscious, which has all of the information as to why you have developed an eating problem in the first place. Our main focus is usually on unwanted habits and undesirable feelings. Through the therapy we assist you in finding meaningful alternatives to the present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving that cause you the weight problem.

How long is the therapy and how much weight will you lose?

We use specific, advanced and structured hypnotherapy to firstly find the reason why are you overweight, and secondly, find alternative, satisfactory ways for you to deal with the problem. The therapy takes on average 5 sessions, which are spread across 4 weeks.

Different clients respond differently to therapy, but typically there is a visible weight loss after the third session. The weight losses continue after the therapy ends, as you begin to develop healthier habits and attitudes. As we all differ from each other, so can the results differ from person to person. Our clients lose on average between 1 to 4 stone (14 to 52 pounds; 6 to 24 kilos!!!) and are able to sustain their new, desired weight.

If you serious about losing weight, AND, you are committed, we can help you so you can have a healthier and happier life.

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