i was a smoker

There is no better therapist than one who has been through the problem themselves.

Monika Drozd, your hypnotherapist was a smoker herself!

“It still gives me a shuddering chill when I look back at those days of the awful smell, morning brown mucous in the sink and the sheer desperation for yet another cigarette. I cannot understand until today how could I poison myself and still insist that I liked it! I was a heavy smoker. It began with one or two cigarette and after 10 years it ended on an even two packs a day during preparation for my exams. Long hours of studying and my full time general-manager post brought me so much stress that the cigarette was seen as a true antidepressant. Very soon I realized that the cigarette was actually the true source of my anxiety. My life was ruled by one big f*** off cigarette. From the moment I woke up to when I went to bed my decisions were based not around food or relaxation or family or work commitments but around this poisonous habit that I innocently learned so long ago. I had had enough! I started looking for help. Patches, gums, will power, self-help books, drugs, and even government stop-smoking schemes – none of these were any good. Combined with my friends’ attitude that I couldn’t do it, I gave up trying. I made an effort to smoke less but it did not matter anymore. I was a smoker for life. Just as I continued with my sad existence my good university friend Amanda suggested a hypnotherapist in Harley Street. My initial reaction was negative and disbelief and when I found out that it cost £375 I just laughed. Amanda told me this is how she quit. Later, when she left, I searched the Internet and found a local hypnotherapist near to where I lived for just £120. Surely they did the same thing? I was welcomed by a nice lady. I sat in a very comfy chair with a blanket and headphones and I fall asleep! When I woke later I felt great! I did not remember much but I was really relaxed. The minute I left the room, I had a cigarette! What? I could not believe it. I was furious with my friend, the world, and myself. My self-belief went down the drain … again. Three months went by. I decided finally to call my friend and got the details of her Harley Street therapist. I had nothing to lose. Money was not an issue anymore. This time there were no blankets, no headphones and no nonsense, but instead a very well structured one-hour session. I am now SMOKE FREE for over three glorious years. This method was a bit of a shock to my system mainly because I had no cravings that used to drive me mad. I did felt a little bit agitated sometimes, but I could not figure out why. I then realised that I just quit cigarettes and that is why I felt a little anxiety. I did gain three kilos in the first month, but with my new healthy lifestyle I lost ten. As a scientist, my last step was to learn and master the method myself. This is how I met Valerie Austin and this is how Smoke Free Lady was born. Do not waste your life on cigarettes, and remember, whichever way you choose to quit is good, so long as it works for you.”

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